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I am considering all proposed options and checking ebay. It seems either Bronica, Hasselblad or even SL66 would fit my needs. I have no distinct favorite, but as I'm going through listings, yes, Hasselblad seems to touch me stronger as the others. Hence, I'm leaning towards... but all options are still there.
If I misinterpreted your post I apologize. It seemed to me you had already made up your mind.

There is nothing wrong with picking a camera like a Hasselblad based on aesthetics if it is really important to you. I don't often read people posting, "I got a Hasselblad and I regret it." So the chance of regret are small.

A lot of this is going to boil down to personal taste. I personally comment on what people post when I think it doesn't make objective sense. But if someone says I like the feel or look of a particular camera that is a personal choice. No one can really tell you your preference in that regard is wrong.

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I find much, much more listings for Hassleblad systems or parts compared to the other two - which mens Hasselblad is probably the most future proof investment (at least on EU market).
Yes there are far more Hasselblads floating around out there on the used market than just about anything else in the space. There is no discussion about that. How much "future proofing" you need is a matter of debate. If you are not a pro then it is unlikely you will push your equipment to manufactures limits any time soon. Personally at these prices I figure I will just pick up another body for my system if and when I see a deal somewhere. But again that is a personal choice.