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How much trouble is it to swap out the screen with the film holder and back compared to inserting flat film. Is it relatively simple to swap out?
the only trouble about swapping out the focus screen for the roll film holder
is that the camera can move or jiggle &c juuuussst a little bit,
and your composition will not be the same. i have a 2 roll film backs
both 4x5 a graphic 23 and 22 and never use them on the cameras
with removable focus screens for the reason mentioned above ..
instead i have them masking taped to the back of a graflex slr
because the focusing is done through the top not the film plane ...

if you are good with your tripod in securing your camera so it won't move
and your focus is locked tight, you won't have trouble swapping the focus screen
for the roll film holder ...

good luck, and welcome to the view ..