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I see your graphs, I understand your saying about flare happening in the camera.
Flare affects the optical image and not the film curve.
How do I apply flare to my plotted curves. I am having a hard time getting there. Basically my pure clean curves are lying to me.
Well you could do what I do. Pick a flare value that you believe applies to your system. I say 0.4 Log Exposure Units.

At an appropriate part of the curve (and this is where I just throw darts and start where the curve crosses 0.1 density on the non-flare test plots), identify the exposure. Now identify the exposure at 0.4 Log Exposure Units to the right.

Take the difference*. Add that amount (call it flare exposure) to the exposure for each plotted point. Look at the original graph to see what density you get for the summed exposure (original plus flare exposure*). Plot that density point directly above the original plotted point.

As you move to the right, the flare exposure becomes logarithmically less significant, so the new curve will taper.

Sounds awful, maybe someone can explain it better than me.

*Get the antilogs so you are summing arithmetic values and then get the log of that sum