I've recently acquired a camera with no built-in light meter. For my first few shots, I used a light meter app on my iPhone (I don't have an external meter that works), but then I decided to go without and shoot a couple frames outdoors using "Sunny 16" minus a few EV to account for clouds and shade. It's a rather liberating experience, but I'm not sure if I'd want to commit an exposure table to memory and just go from that...

Some things to consider:
- I'm shooting color negative film (or C-41 B&W) in 35mm, so i've got a lot of latitude. I'd not dream about going without a light meter shooting chromes
- Mostly I'd be doing spontaneous street-type shooting. Again, I'd absolutely use a meter for critical work, landscapes, larger-format stuff, etc

Anyone else shoot meterless on a regular basis? Would there be enough latitude in C-41 films to just "wing it" and still get good (not expecting perfect) results?