I don't know what your talking about. PHirehouse did not buy it all, he was not the first one to send me a pm, and in fact you wheren't even second.

You may have made a comment on the thread, but i went by the time stamp on the Pm messages .

Your very rude and your comments are certainly uncalled for. I don't know who you are are why you feel it is necessary to attack me for a few rolls of film. Talk about irrelevant, you need to check the mirror, before you start throwing around rude comments about my honor , respect or etiquette, Just what is yours!

And I didnot poo-poo'ed you, I said I was Sorry, but someone else has taken all the black and white film, just how do you interpertue that as putting you down.

In fact for everyone reading this, including yourself here is a copy of the message I sent you

"All the black and white film is gone. Same fellow took it all.

This is the fastest response I have ever received. Thanks for checking and if something goes south I will get back to you."