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Do you really think I'd ever either purchase or process film at the drugstore? That's my whole point.
I used to think this way... then I found out I can have a roll of 120 processed by "Walmart" which sends their film to Dwayn's Photo for processing... so, for $1 yes $1 you can have your film processed by good people, wow makes me almost regret getting rid of some of my C-41 now...

All the time I waste on E-6 chemistry and reading and searching for 6 bath dev's and the time it takes to process a gazillion rolls at once because otherwise it goes bad... I feel like a fool, when I can have it all done by Dwayn's for CHEAP, it's not like B&W where you have to learn the finesse of it, it's all the same, so now I just feel dumb even bothering... it was good to learn, I'll kill the last bit of E-6 I have now and then do the rolls of C-41 I have, then be done with it, I can't believe I've been such a fool haha.

I hope the info I got was not incorrect, I'll be scoping out the big scary walmart people the next few days to find out the truth.