Hi Marin,

Good to hear from you!

Yep, an actively temperature stabilized bath would be the best. Your right about the timer with sound signals - would make things alot easier. Do you have any recommendations?

Offtopic: I got the card flashed and is working in the old G4. But the scanner is still crashing. I completely dismantled it, including the boards etc. I also had a focus issue - it didn't focus anymore and focus elevation also didin't work (scanner took it's own focus after every scan or priview - it went completely mad). I dismantled also the sensor-head and after days of experimenting (running scanner open ) I figured the focus issue out - it was a bad angle motor sensor switch. So if you have any problems with the focus in the future with your SM3000 let me know, through painful learning I know a couple of things about it.

Scanner itself is still pretty much annoying to use, crashes every second scan - I cleaned all the boards, refreshed all the connections etc. So it must be some transistor or capacitor is bad, or some static electricity anomaly - it's got an Intel 386 processor inside btw. I'm now looking for a working SM5000 or SM11000 if I can find one.

Take care,