I have a Componon 135 that came with my Omega, and I'm trying to determine if it is worth using at all. I only need to get a $20 lens adapter for the 32.5mm mounting thread. I have a Componon-S 150 that I planned to use for 4x5, so I had stuck the 135 in a box figuring that I won't need it. But now I'm curious.

I have been trying to find the difference between the Componon and Componon-S.
The only thing I found was the S is newer than the non-S.
But nothing definite describing the change from the non-S to the S version.
It is not as clear as the 4-element Componar to the 6-element Componon.

Max magnification would be about 5.5x and usually less than that.

If I set up the 2nd enlarger, I could put the Componon 135 in one enlarger and the Componon-S 150 in the other enlarger. I have a condenser (Durst L1000) and a diffusion (Omega D5) enlargers.