Nothing stopping you from having prints made from any of those slides, irrespective of their age. Very old slides like this will benefit from being projected occasionally — especially Kodachrome slides. For printing, colour darkroom work is now quite rare on a commercial basis. In the absence of being fitted out with the necessary goods yourself, you'd need to find a good pro-level lab equipped with a scanner and quality printing machinery (and samples of their work) that will faithfully reproduce the slides, not compensate for any colour derangement that has occurred naturally over the decades. Or you could procure yourself an Epson V700/V750 scanner, complete with a slide holder, and blaze away, sending yours files to a bureau for printing. Scanning and end-print media material has made very great strides in the last five years and I don't share the belief that things will easy be sneered at as "sub-standard" now or the future: correct framing will determine how long these alternative process prints will endure.