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SLR with 6x6 is basically a Rollei SL66 (or one of the more recent electronic Rollei's), the Bronica or Hasselblad. In regards to repair long term, the Hasselblad is certainly a good bet (that is where I put my money!). Hassy is probably the least "macro friendly". The 120mm macro is 1:4 and I believe that adding a 32mm tube gets you to around 1:2. I stack a couple of tubes on my 150mm and find it isn't quite enough for me. The image below is the closest focus with the 2 tubes +150mm and it is about 1:4. Attachment 64066 The Bronica does have a 1:1 macro, but I'm not sure how easy they are to find. The SL66 is insanely cool....bellows focussing, lenses can be reversed, focal plane shutter....and quite a bit less common. Three good choices with different strengths.
Very valuable! Thank you!