I just sold 3 of the model IIIs. In the last few weeks. Two with the 90s and one with the 65mm. Great cameras, but they had played their part in my work so I unloaded them. The biggest limitation for me was simply the rangefinder style of shooting with a camera of that size. Works for me with a leica...but there was something about the bigger camera and piece of film where I preferred working off the ground glass of a hassy or 4x5, and usually with a tripod. But that's personal, and it took me a few years to figure it out myself. The film out of the fujis though was always such a nice surprise though, really nice negs to print. If you want a big hand held camera then there's nothing better.

I'd look for a III. And one thing to watch for or ask about buying used is how the frame spacing is. I had one, that even with 100 on the counter, would get sloppy spacing and overlapping. The cameras are pretty simple and solid other than that. I suggest KEH personally for these...not a lot more $ than ebay, and a much easier buying experience.

On that note, if you need one rebuilt, I suggest Nippon Photo Clinic in NYC. They do a great job with these cameras at a fair price.