Beautiful photo Mark! Is that a scan of a print?

To the OP: Rolleiflex SL66SE, especially for macro. Some say the metering in the later models is one more thing to fail, but I say so what? Even if it stops working, you still have a lovely, fully-functioning mechanical camera. In the meantime, enjoy the excellent average and spot metering right there in your waist-level finder (or prism, should you choose to invest in one). Zeiss glass. Nice, easy loading with the improved backs. Great accessories that are reasonably available on eBay thanks to low demand (tripod adapter is a must-have). Heavy, so plenty of mass to absorb slight movements when hand-held. And when that shutter goes off, and everything inside swings into action, you're left in no doubt something good has just happened!

Can't go wrong with a Hassy, either, of course. I have even had great success doing close-ups with my Yash 124G and close-up lenses.