35mm films have a 'tail' that sticks out of the cassette, since the packing lines are totally automatic you need to 'tub' the film or you would not be able to package automatically without fear of damaging the tail, or at least higher waste at that packaging stage, in addition, once tubbed the films are fully protected from damage and moisture and ingestion of potentially damaging gases etc, etc they also obviously form the strength in the boxed surround, and they stack on shelves...hence why they are boxed.

As someone says...ahhh but you only foil the film in the 50 roll bulk packs of film you sell?

Absolutely correct, we do, and because of that we have to use a different finishing route that has a manual element plus significant 'oversee' and actually costs significantly more to produce, but having 50 tubbed plastic films in one box would not be very eco-friendly and as we all know being eco friendly is not always cheap....but it is the correct thing to do.

Simon. ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited