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My man ! hesitate if I would add 'sound' as an asset when using this camera. But when TS talks about 'aesthetics', who am I not talking about this little aberration If you ever need attention from a crowd use this camera, it's only exceeded by a RZ67 with motordrive !
The SL66SE is hard to find, which means expensive (even more so the appropriate lenses) and prone to issues with electronics. SL66 are cheap, you will have to look out for one which is not worn out though, but this also applies to other formerly professional gear too. There is a chimney-finder with (spot-) meter which works with ambient light. If you need flash metering through the lens you will have indeed to go for a SE.
That said, due to the limited DOF -though it can be done- MF is not the best option for macro work IMHO.
I'd consider a TLR for landscape. It' amazing how seldom you need another lens as 80mm, if you shoot 6x6. Since I realized that I took most of my landscape pictures with the normal lens, the SL66 stays at home most of the time and I take a Rolleiflex TLR with me. The SL66 is quite large and heavy (as a System the SL66 is not heavier than the Hasselblad but the camera is).

If you intend to use the camera without a tripod, the SL66 in any incarnation is not the best choice. It is difficult to hold steady and to focus at the same time.