I've recently retired two older 102 heads to convert to HID - so I can use my Speedo modifiers for video work. So far so good, they're now 150 watt HIDs, the temp is lower than a 103 (fanless) head and I have the original fans wired to the model light switch for longer lamp life when audio isn't a concern. They put out something like 600 watts of nice, clean 5200k daylight. Very nice having my striplights and big grid reflectors for video. They have external ballasts so their cables can never be plugged into a speedo pack - different cabling entirely. I've done fresnel conversions and as long as proper grounding and wiring is used, it's fairly no-brainer with the kits available.

Which leaves me with a couple undamaged Black Line cables with the pack connectors undisturbed. Is there any reason I couldn't get the proper female connectors and turn these into head extensions? This wouldn't require opening a pack or anything - just identifying the pin setup and properly soldering, and making sure the strain relief was effective.

I've shot speedo for 20 years but never picked up head extensions, there's always something else to drop seventy bucks on.

I suppose I could send them to a speedo repair guy, but is it as simple as IDing the pin setup? Is soldering one of those mil-spec connectors a specialist job, or do you heat & tin the pins and insert the wires? And how would I track down the right connector?

...or I could sell the cables on the bay and pickup an extension. But where's the glorious adventure in that?