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The Kodak 35 with RF was my first 35mm camera - I received it as a gift and it served me well until it was replaced by a Retina S1.

I was young, and I learned quite a bit while using it, so it holds a soft spot in my memory.

It stopped working, so I don't have it any more.

It always makes me think of a mini-Medalist.

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Getting back to the camera, one of the ugliest ever. Crude visually and also not that fun to use. I've shot with the rangefinder-less Kodak 35, and that also wasn't fun.

The Signet 35 was a breath of fresh air when it was released. Despite it being a bit small, it's a very nice design with clean lines and very good functionality.

The Kodak 35 RF and Signet 35: