thanks for your suggestions so far.

david - it is a HUGE problem, especially when i try to parallel park.
i'm usually a few feet from the curb.

whitey - i tried the mirror, but i had trouble seeing beyond my own reflection ..
and i have just tried to just think upside down and backwards but the problem was
that as soon as i got in "the zone" ... the decisive moment was gone

evh - lots of snow and sun and cold there these days, but that hasn't kept me inside
i was roasting coffee in my driveway just a few days ago

nathan - i was thinking of prismatic goggles like you mentioned
but my optician suggested i just stay in the dolly and get wheeled around
because it was a more practical solution.

clive - i goggled the doohicky you mentioned ... it looks like it might work.
i wish i could just get glasses like that, it would make things easier ...