Is Rollei CR-200 slide film aka Aviphot Chrome 200 sliide film "Yellow"
Has anyone used the Rollei branded 200 ASA slide film in 120 or 35mm and the resulting slides have a strong yellow cast? I am referring to the film having been processed in E-6 for slides

This film is repackaged Afga Belgium Aviphot Chrome 200 and is also marketed as Lomographic X-Pro 200.

Please bear in mind there were no errors in the E-6 process at my lab, the Ektachrome and Fujichrome rolls processed at the same time and batch look perfect.

Are the fine folks at, just blatantly selling film with a weird strong yellow cast when processed in E-6?

None of them are answering my questions about the yellow cast in this film, I wonder why?

Oh! They say it is Agfa RSX 200 slide film on a different base! Yeah right......