I'm not quite sure this is the perfect place to post this as this is not a direct sales from me but via a website, but I designed a lens board for 3D printing at Shapeways.com to use on my 2x3 Century, as they are difficult to find, and/or expensive ($30 for blanks, $50 fabricated at SK Grimes), and not so easy to fabricate yourself, unlike boards for some other LF gear. The material and the size makes the 3D printed boards more than adequate, I think, unless you attach something seriously heavy on it. You can buy them here:


I've made available Copal #0 and Copal #1 versions, but I can make the holes any size you please. The price will vary slightly depending on the hole size (bigger the hole, the cheaper, as it uses less material). I hope this will come in handy for people.

Here's the Copal #0 version I made to use with my Apo-Grandagon 35/4.5


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