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Wow, we really are there already?

I need to design a lens board for my Meopta enlarger and I'm currently thinking to find somebody who has a lathe to make it for me...
Is it feasible to just find somebody with a 3d printer??
What I will tell you is this; it was easier for me to download Google Sketchup for free, design the board, and get Shapeways to make it, than for me to order a blank, buy some circular saw bits for my DeWalt or find someone who can do all of that for me, not to mention cheaper.

Finding someone who has a 3D printer might be a bit hard right now, but in a few years, that won't be the case. I've convinced myself that I'm going to buy one for myself in the next year. It is too awesome. If you go to my "shop" there, you'll see something that's a little more elaborate (filter adapter for Kodak Aero-Ektar). 3D printing is the bomb, and it will reshape our world, no hyperbole.