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If you don't use a pro lab now, they'll be gone later. What will you do when you want a custom print made?
Send that to Dwayne's too haha, they do that under another name ... Forget, something with an M... MiriumPro or mpix or something like that...

Honestly that's the same stupid mentality that someone would use for Kodak "spend twice as much buying Kodak film or Kodak will go under" yea no kidding but if they don't run their business correctly that's not my fault and I don't have the money to support a business that can't handle competition. Survival of the fittest...

Sorry if that's cruel but it's honest at least.

I did say that Walmart uses the photo area as a loss leader but obviously even with shipping costs FUJI can still make a marginal profit on send out service or the price would go up or they wouldn't do it. So local labs should be able to charge CLOSE TO the same price, but they charge 3-4 times that (in my area) so I'm not supporting that. I won't buy film from them either, their film is twice the B&H price and I can't get everything I want from them anyway and almost no chemistry so I end up ordering it all from B&H.

If in could get what I want at a reasonable price I would shop locally. But the price difference is astronomical as I won't support it.


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