I started out with an SL66 LPL which suited me for a little while until I wanted to move into 6x7. During that time I also landed 2 Meopta II with all lenses and carriers, which were really nice units, but they too only went to 6x6.

Ended up trading the lot in on an LPL 7700 colour head, which allowed me to modify the 6x7 universal carrier to do up to 6x9.

I liked all of these enlargers and if I hadn't needed to go to 6x7, that SL66 would have suited me just fine. With the filter drawer as standard, it allows for both B&W and colour printing (I did some Cibachromes for a while.)

Best idea would be to determine the largest neg size you want and have a look at those that have been suggested, to see if they are easily available, a size that works for you and within your budget.