Hi all!

I know I've been a bit absent lately, there's been a lot going on, and I also know that this probably isn't really a relevant topic to people's photography, but I just thought I'd jump on an 'put it out there' anyway.

Those of you I've met would remember about three years ago when I pulled up stumps on my place in Essendon and moved down to Geelong (on a whim of the Good Lady Wife). The move was hard after being settled in the one place for nine years (the longest I've sat still since leaving the farm when I was a kid!) but we made it work. Now, due to a rather sad family family situation, there's another move on the cards... and we all know how much I love moving!

Anyway, without delving into details, I will most likely be back in Melbourne at (or by) the end of this year and I'll have to start the unpleasant task of job hunting. I thought it might be worth putting the word out here, you never know. For the past 2 1/2 years I've been working for a local photography as one member of their team of four salary photographers (very fortunate position to be in). Before that I worked as a freelance photographer doing all the usual jobs that keep food on the table (corporate, product, weddings etc), I supplemented that with work in TAFE's and the Education Department in roles from giving talks on photography, to basic photography and darkroom classes, to accounts and Business Process Development (not as fun as work closer to my passion, but it definitely put better food on the table ).

So, if you know of anything going around (am I looking in the direction of the couple of you that work in the industry, and in Uni's? ...possibly...), please keep me in mind!