I like the look of xx shot at 100-160 in it, but I also occasionally shoot it at 200-320 as well but it gets a bit to grainy with rodinal. I develop it highly diluted 1:100 stand. It just matches well for me I guess. I have about 700-800 ft of a 1000ft reel in my freezer.

Dunno how I have all these films, I just bought them as they came along and was fortunate to get most at decent prices. But the fridge drawers and freezer is packed mostly with stuff I don't shoot too often. I've got a pretty hefty cache of HIE and Panatomic X in there as well. I just about finished all of my plus x in 35mm and 120 this summer. Good bit of ektachrome and even more of super slow ektachrome dupe. I finished off my tmax3200 but was lucky to get a a bunch of delta 3200 and portra 800.

But I think people here may have much more films than me, and probably more rarer ones. The only one I'm going to be really sore about not having anymore is the agfapan 250. I had one 400ft cine reel that I have only a few rolls left. I've been reluctant to finish them.

agfapan rewrapped in a bunch of plastic wrap
Big haul from a state surplus auction
A portion of what I shot on my month long trip to china this summer.