They came out allright.

My first 6-bath E6 development by tsiklonaut, on Flickr

I put two opposite films into the same tank (my tank thakes 2 films at the time) to be sure I have no color bias:

Left is Kodak Aerochrome color infrared film (red dominated)
Right is Fuji Veliva 50 shot nocturnally long exposures (blue dominated)

One frame is missing on Velvia since my good old Pentax failed to lock into Bulb-mode for that shot - I'm using the lock in front of the camera to lock it witha a sharp object, I happened to use my motoscooter's key which didn't fit into the hole quite well

Nocturnal Velvia is a little under exposured for my liking, although I precisely followed the reprocity error margins specified by Fuji on long exposures, maybe I should have used more First Developer time but then again then would be the Aerochrome overexposed. Next time I'll rate Veliva to around ASA32 on nocturnal action.