The SL66 is perfect for macro work, but as Ulrich said, you should make sure that it is in good working order before buying. Mind that these cameras are 30-40 years old now. A metered camera is not essential since the bellows has a exposure compensation scale for macro which works perfectly as long as one does not forget to compensate the exposure. The 120/5,6 lens has been designed particularly for close ups and its picture quality is amazing. It is the best lens in the whole line up IMO. A solid tripod and solid head are recommended for this camera! I have made good experience with the Gitzo G1570 head. It fits the camera perfectly and does also allow to use the tilt, which not all tripod heads will do. The price of these cameras is about the same as for a Hasselblad of similar age but the lenses are cheaper, plus they do not need any maintenance. It is not necessary to buy the newer HFT-lenses. From my personal experience the old single coated lenses are as good as it gets.