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Hi friends,thank you for all these replies!
I eventually bought the 28 3.5 28 2.8 because the seller already sold it, so now it isn't important to talk about the 2.8 versions.
Rather, I have to ask you one thing: I mounted this lens on my nikon fe and I noticed that looking into the viewer, the numbers of the diaphragms are not visible.This detail it isn't important to me,but I hope this detail doesn't mean this lens is not suitable for my Nikon FE?
Thank you very much!
You have a pre-AI lens. The lens should have a cut into the rear part of the aperture ring, allowing it to engage the AI meter coupler on the camera. If it doesn't have this, then it is not too difficult to have it AI converted. But you should not do it yourself unless you know exactly what you are doing. The FE's meter coupler can be lifted up by pressing down the button next to it. That way a non-AI lens can mount. But it will not give you stopped down metering - you have to do that manually. So unless you shoot at full aperture, do not use the camera in aperture priority mode. Switch it to manual.