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If I was going to do this and wanted a liquid developer, I'd use Rodinal. I'd carry a bottle of TF-4 fixer as well - this cuts down on the other chemistry somewhat by eliminating stop bath and hypo-clear. But, caffenol is not a bad idea, the easy-to-find ingredients aren't likely to set off any false alarms with hotel staff. Film developing equipment might seem a little "funny-looking" to the uninitiated, so I would keep it in my luggage when not in use, just to avoid any unexpected conversations with the local authorities.

Hate to sound all paranoid about it. :/

i'd label all your stuff " photographic film developer " " "photography film developing tank " " photography fixer"

whenever i send sumatranol kits to people i label the heck out of the ingredients and packaging
these days people have wild imaginations. and seeing they are finding meth labs in golf course porta pottys
it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for someone who has no clue to ... have no clue