[QUOTE=Frankly, I can not imagine why this is a matter of concern.[/QUOTE]

Just historical interest. It's sometimes interesting to see how things progressed to the way they are now.

And along those lines, here is another seemingly worthless historical issue. There was a raging debate about 25 years ago about Kodak's plastic 35mm film canisters: they were black. Lots of folks were lobbying for clear or at least translucent containers so folks could see with just a glance what kind of film was inside. Kodak's response was that if a roll of film became damaged to the extent that light could get to the film, putting the film in the black container )using a changing bag or something) could keep the film light tight until such time as the photographer could get the container to a darkroom. Apparently Kodak capitulated and started using the translucent containers. I still have some of the black containers, with film inside, in the fridge.

-- Mark