Many years ago, I used a 4x5 system to take photographs of large groups of people, interior and exterior architectural subjects, and commercial still-lifes. After I stopped shooting architectural subjects, I sold my 4x5 system and relied on my Mamiya 6x6cm TLR system and my 35mm system to deliver the images I needed.

Years later, when I needed to replace my worn-out Mamiya 6x6cm TLR system, I was very disappointed to learn that Mamiya no longer produced or supported the system. I briefly considered replacing my TLR system with the Mamiya medium format rangefinder system but did not for two reasons:

1. It exceeded my budget limitations.
2. I was angry a Mamiya for abandoning my beloved TLR system.

Instead, I replaced my TLR system with the Fuji GW670III rangefinder with the 90mm f/3.5 lens and the Fuji GSW690III rangefinder with the 65mm f/5.6 lens.

I have been very satisfied using these two cameras to shoot weddings, posed group shots, full-length portraits, scenic shots, and the architectural shots that do not require the perspective and depth-of-field adjustments provided by large format view cameras.

My only regrets are:

1. There is no telephoto version for shooting head and shoulder portraits.
2. Shortly after I purchased them, Fuji abandoned the production and support of these rangefinders.