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Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction to hang a print on the wall and being able to say "I did that". Having someone else print your negs isolates you from an important part of the process. Being able to dodge and burn a print to get the desired result is something that only you can do.

Invest in a good quality enlarger now, and you will have a tool that could last a lifetime.

No dodging and burning as yet. Just getting used to basic printing. I'm fairly new to B&W. I shot mostly colour for years and my fave camera was a Nikon f4s. Then i decided in 06 to go digital with a NIkon D80 as I thought that was better etc etc. Then realised i was falling out with photography and got tired of sitting in front if the pc. I'd come back from holiday with 200 pictures and then not even bother looking through them for months.

So I decided to try film again and make it simple. One film one lens. So i have an M6 and 35mm Biogon. Portra and HP5+ have been main use so far. Still have the Digi gear but hardly use it. F4s and Nikon lenses and various pinholes/large format etc .