It's all a personal thing. Some people are one camera, one or two lenses, one film and one developer. Wonderful for them. As long as they don't get all high and mighty about it...

Personally I love shooting many different cameras and have extensive sets I've collected thru the years both MF and 35mm. As my mood or spirit changes I feel drawn to different systems at different times not only for the results I get but how differently the systems handle and the fun of seeing what I can do and get with different lenses and th different approaches each system or set demands or encourages in me.

Obviously you got very lucky here getting such a nice camera and set of lenses. Have fun and see what you think. If it's not for you sell it off or pass on the favor to another close friend.

But don't decide such too quickly! Give it a year or two and at least 3-4 strong solid tries with the F4 system before you decide to move on from it.