I think I will try this Cr-200 again but have a different lab process it in their E-6, my local lab of 30 years In Ventura, California retired their E-6 machine last year and is "farming out" E-6 to a lab in Santa Barbara, I think I will try the pro lab in Simi Valley or L.A. might also give Dwayne's In Kansas a try, they were the last Kodachrome lab in the world but still seem to take pride in their E-6 processing.

Some Agfa films are highly intolerent to careless processing, the extinct Agfa Ultra 100 is very intolerant but Agfa Vista from Germany is not, Kodak Ektar is intolerant too.

I think I will buy a two roll pack, cut it into 4 rolls and then send them to 4 different labs and see how it works out.

The two rolls I tried earlier turned out with sick yellow green skies and had lots and lots of yellow, not even what you would want to keep, downright disgusting looking.

I will scan some slides so that everyone can see what I am on about.