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My experience with slow cookers is that they get a lot hotter than 100, even on low. How do you keep the temperature so stable without overheating?
This thread caught my eye. I would love to give home color a try and thought the crock pot (slow cooker) sounded like it might be worth a try. I use ours pretty regularly for food, but never anything like this and my thought too was it would still be too hot, but then thought maybe with the cover off, it would do a better job as a water bath the heat would not accumulate under the heavy cover. Well, just tried an experiment this AM with some plain water. With the lid off, after a long enough time to stabilize the temp, it was around 110F. Actually, it varied around the pot somewhat, from 109 to 116F. Are there better controlled pots with actual temp settings? Ours just has "low" and "high."