I have several Broncolor Primo packs and flash heads. I've not used them in years, but was motivated to pull them out recently.

I was a little anxious, having read about issues with leaking electrolytic capacitors, but everything seems to work okay.

I've come up with several questions, though.

- one head seems to have a dead flashtube. B&H has them listed, but they're quite expensive. Does anyone have suggestions for sources?

- The manual online http://www.bron.ch/uploads/tx_bronar...imo-a-4_en.pdf suggests on page 8 that only the 'A' model Primo packs have a 'p3' position on the modeling light switch. Mine have the p3 position, but they're not marked 'A'. Does this mean they're 'A's and should have asymmetrical output power?

- Operating voltages. The manual also suggests that it's possible to operate on different voltages. I don't care so much about this, specifically, but I would like to be able to use the brighter 650W modelling lights. Can I swap lamps? And is the pack power supply auto-switching (it is labeled 120/240V) My heads have the bi-pin lamp bases. Any idea what the lamp codes are?

- I've seen comments about trigger voltages for studio strobes being dangerous for DSLRs. (last time I used these lights was with an RB67) Any idea what the trigger voltage is from Bron? and what's 'safe' for a modern DSLR?