Hello to All,
After using the usual books (e.g., Itoya, Prat) to store and view photographs, However, I have become disenchanted with the plastic sleeves. Either they won't lay flat and smooth or they create a glare. I like the books because if someone wants to view prints, the books are easier to handle than boxes of prints.

What would be ideal is mounting prints on both sides of a thin mount board page and using an interleaving sheet between pages. The thinner the board, the better because more pages would fit into the book. 1-ply (~0.0129") would be best but I'll settle for 2-ply (~0.0305").

So, my questions are:
Is this a common practice?

If the photos are basically the same size, would the residual stresses balance out and the board not warp?

For this application, would it be best to use a cold pressure-sensitive adhesive? I would worry about adhesive around the edges of the print.

I have access to all the needed equipment to completed the project but wanted to check this group to get some advice/experience and not have to start from scratch.