for what it's worth, here is what I do:

MF whenever possible for almost everything. (Camera, 3 lenses, 2 backs). For me the image quality is the big deciding factor and I am willing to schlep a heavy bag and tripod around as a result.

When it is not possible to be carrying such a large camera system I will use my 35mm SLR (also 3 lenses). This includes on tour when travelling by plane, or out anytime I can't carry much gear. Also I opt for the 35mm most times I am taking candid pictures of people or need to take pictures handheld and or quickly. 35mm I also use for short exposure low light situations (F1.4 vs F3.5 makes a difference).

If I find myself in a situation where I can't really carry anything except in my pocket, or I want to be super discreet, I use a compact fixed lens rangefinder. It has a good quality 40mm F1.7 lens so is pretty versatile for a fixed lens.

In practical terms this means that even though I will always try and shoot MF, I also end up with tons of great pictures from my 35mm cameras. The image quality is not the same, but if a picture is good, it will be good no matter what camera was used, and sometimes 35mm allows me to take those good pictures where my RB67 would not have been able to.