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I read Pat Gainers articles on phenidon/ascobate developers and tried to mix my own simple one shot developer. (...)

Here's a simple one-shot developer I discovered last year. It uses only three chemicals, and gives quality near-XTOL:

As Jerry and Michael R have pointed out, much testing is needed to qualify a developer. I am the person doing the work in the "Progress of XTOL-concentrate" thread. I've restricted myself to using only these chemicals: sodium sulfite, sodium metaborate, ascorbic acid, phenidone/dimezone. All except sulfite are dissolved in propylene glycol. That's a simple developer. But even after experimenting with it for a year, I'm still getting surprises. You should expect surprises. High fog was your first surprise. I assure you there are more. But I encourage you to experiment. I have made several new discoveries (at least, they are not in the literature). Perhaps you will make a discovery...

Mark Overton