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When you process color film THAT old you must remember that much, much speed is lost through the decades, probably four, or even five, stops. Thus, the film has been grossly underexposed and that underexposure also attends to the manufacturer's markings on the borders (which were also exposed back in the seventies before you bought the film). Thus, in your immediate case the ONLY thing you could have done was to give GROSS overdevelopment in hopes of getting something. I would have developed for about three times normal in your dire case.

And, wblynch is correct with the advice to blix longer. Old film is a pain but can be at least partially ressurrected. Blix is, indeed, 'to completion', as wblynch says. - David Lyga
David, you know stuff so not saying you're wrong, BUT

The speed loss is often in the exposure level, so if the film was already previously exposed he wouldn't be losing any more speed, these rolls as I remember had already been shot? They are just being developed now, so speed loss isn't an issue, just developing. Unless I'm totally thinking of another thread. Lol


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