What I would do (and this is measured in ml, not grams): 10 ml sodium sulfite, 1ml metol, 3ml HQ, 2ml sodium carbonate, mono (washing soda). Put all together in a liter size PET plastic bottle (Gatorade). Add about 750ml water. Cap bottle and shake vigorously for about one minute. Add water to make one liter. Don't worry about oxidation with the shaking because it won't happen. Store in PET plastic. If using one-shot, dilute enough 1+1 before use. If using as stock you will be surprised how long it lasts without replenishment if you give a little extra time after the first four rolls. Naturally, for the one shot you will have to either add marbles to the stock (a pain) or transfer to smaller bottles (glass or PET plastic).

If you want to be REALLY efficient, don't even mix up the whole liter. Take the time to measure (with a razor, just like a cocaine dealer!) the dry chemicals into maybe eight equal amounts for each chemical and then place each dry mixture into a small baggie (again, like a drug dealer) so that you use one baggie for each roll (or, 'fix', like a drug addict). - David Lyga