Deerfield, Massachusetts, Saturday, March 9, 2013
Program: Digital technology has radically changed the art—and business—of photography. Although the advent of electronic imaging has rendered the equipment, processes and skills of the analog photographer largely obsolete, in New England historic images of people and places, captured by mechanical means, continue to powerfully shape perceptions of the region. As useful as they are, electronic resources can neither replace the analog photographer’s sensory engagement with cameras and film, negative plates and dark room developing equipment, nor replicate the artistry and technical skill evident in the manipulation of this equipment to produce photographic images.
Join us for this one-day symposium exploring technical, economic, social and artistic aspects of early photography and photographers in New England. The program includes a demonstration of the steps required of mid-19th century photographers to make hand-coated plates with the collodion process.

The program will include a demonstration by France Osterman of George Eastman House