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Call me unwashed, but the grainy (I rarely like blurry) b&w street images that are quite popular - when matched with the subject well - I find to have a surrealistic quality, what I mean is, the style seems to emphasize the universal event pictured, and not the particular subject pictured.

Thoughts? Is that just me?
You can use grain, "incorrect" exposure and other image "defects" to create a certain style and mood in your image, and if it works, more power to you. If someone, however, uses these techniques for a cheap wow effect of the "OMG how did he make these dots in that image" kind, then I'm not so sure whether real art has been created. Likewise there is a lot of craft but no inherent art involved in creating a perfectly exposed, sharp and mostly grainless image.

The biggest issue I have with that image linked to by Felinik is that I honestly believe most APUGers could do such a shot by themself with little effort, and similar images can probably be found by the dozen on any Lomo wall. Given that, I really wonder who would pay big bucks for such an image.