Hi all, been a while since I posted here.
I'm printing my Ektar 100 negs onto FCA, using the Kodak RA-4/RT in an Ilford ICP42 3 tank roller transport processor.
All is well and happy for the first 6 16x's. The chems were in the tanks for 7 days, kodak's suggested limit.
So I dumped the DEV, mixed new and replaced it. Kept the BLX, and replenished with 500ml new.
Here's the change.
My next tests of the same neg, and same time/color filters settings,
and using the new chems, were about 15% darker, and shifted about 5 to the Magenta side.
I was able to correct for this and ended up with happy prints, but does anyone know why this happens?
I'm thinking the time/color balance of the previous print, at the end of the chems life,
is different than when I replaced with new DEV.
Maybe something to do with stronger DEV action or something...