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The stain cannot be seen under red light. It must be viewed under dim white light to be visible.

I have found that it can last for years as long as the solution itself does not turn brown.


Many Thanks, PE, it's good to know about the keeping properties. Especially if one knows the current price of Silver Nitrate.

However, probably I have a slow brain, but I persist to be confused why I didn't see coloured spots of the test sheet I made : I didn't see them, even when putting the sheet in white light !

So, the question I ask : is actinic white light (even faint) is mandatory, during the two minutes after put one drop of HT2 ? If not, it's means that my HT2 bottle is probably gone bad.

Another remark : in "Way beyond monochrome book", they say HT2 should be conducted on a damp print, and the HT2 Kodak note (J11-1985) stats that the print should be dry ! Who is right ?

Again in Way beyond book, it is said that the test can be "fixed" for posterior reference with salted water. How does it work ? I processed this way with my test sheet, before switching the white light on, does it explain why I got no stains ?

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