That`s what stand does. No film manufacturer recommends or even talks about it. believe me they want you to get the best from their products.

There are a lot of falsehoods and ill informed people on the internet.

Agitation brings fresh developer to the surface of the emulsion. If this is not done, then the byproducts like bromide remain and the film is streaked.

The other big falsehood running around is surge marks. Actually they are marks where there is insufficient agitation. So you try more gentle agitation in an attempt to cure it and the problem gets worse.

Go back and do 30 seconds on immersion and 2 every 30 seconds or 30 on immersion + 4 every 60 taking 10 sec. Once per minute will require 10% more time all else being equal. Do not overload the tank with developer as the liquid must move.

I will refer you to Kodak or Ilford site to verify their professional instructions which are the same as mine.