In light of what we suspect has transpired, Keith's suggestion regarding special orders makes complete sense.

So, the situation MIGHT be that for 8x10 ( and larger formats ) Kodak black and white film will be available by special order only. Ilford special order for unusual, unique, or special formats, but 8x10 and 11x14 will always be available. If one needs film on the" spur of the moment" OR from a source that is dedicated to analog photographers, then the choices are: Ilford ( wonderful film and a company that MUST be supported by those of us devoted to analog photography. For the record, I have changed to Ilford HP5 and FP4 and find both films excellent in every way. ILford MG FB paper, their rapid fixer, their line of developers, etc., etc. ), Foma, some "off-brands" available at Freestyle and elsewhere ( good quality, but uncertain manufacture ), and eventually Adox. Some Japanese black and white sheet films might also be considered, but others will have to report why and how such films are superior to those sheet films available from Ilford.

As long as we have the three choices HP5, FP4, Delta 100 ) from Ilford then 8x10 analog photographers are well provisioned. The days of multiple choices for film are apparently ending if not already over. Many predicted as such. Be grateful that one company is still standing, and dedicated to analog photography.

Support the company that supports you....Ilford must not be allowed to wither.

Happy Valentine's Day to all.