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There is really no such thing as exposure latitude, just a factor of how far thing can be off and still be
nominally usable at the expense of what the film was really engineered for in the ideal sense, which of
course is related to the amount of contrast in a scene. Amateur color neg films are marketed under the assumption that folks will be winging it with less than ideal training or equipment, and will want Aunt Maude's skintones still looking vaguely human even if everything else in the print looks like hell. I use a spotmeter for everything, though have worked sheerly from memory in a few instances even with trickier chrome films. But otherwise, it's about like asking a sniper to walk around with a blindfolded.
In the old days, they'd print a little tip sheet on the film box, which usually worked for garden-variety
applications. My mother tooks photogrphs her whole life using a little box Brownie with no meter -
and every single shot was horrible!
Exposure latitude is the difference in dynamic range between film and paper.