PKM... thank you for the LFPI link.

The spec for the 120 WA Rodagon is 15x max so I think you're right that it won't perform as I want. Yes, I'm sure I want 25-30x magnification. I have a garage that I'm having an extra 10 feet of length added so I'll have approximately 24 feet of space to work with. I want to make 56x112 inch enlargements on fiber based paper.

You're confirming what some others have stated regarding the Rodagon-G or G-Componon. I hate to keep looking, and looking, and looking because time is money. Pretty soon I might as well have paid $1000 for a lens I bought for $500 because of the time spent looking for the thing.

I'll take your suggestion and place an ad on but I imagine they all know what these lenses are worth.

The good news is I "think" a 300mm Componon-S will work very well for 112 inch wide prints from 8x10 and those aren't "quite" as pricey as a G or an Apo. At least I "hope" Schneider's specs are right... 2-20x magnification.