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Exposure latitude is the difference in dynamic range between film and paper.

What!? Where did you get that tidbit from?
I wouldn't be too concerned about the latitude of paper as opposed to a sharp understanding of the latitude (range of acceptable exposure/dynamic range, above and below a known point of reference) of temperamental films, Velvia 50 and 100F among. Neg films are so relaxed that you can get away with 5, maybe 6 stops of exposure error (I never bother with them, preferring the 'tight and narrow' of beautifully spot metered E6 stock). But go 2.3 stops either way with Velvia and ... you're stuffed.

Take a roll of Velvia for a ride and see exactly what happens with narrow latitude. Might be a waste of money, but it's a brutally simple method of finding a film's "g-spot": a point where exposure is ideal (within a given set of acceptable circumstances), either side of which things go pear-shaped.