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It's a difference of philosophy, or maybe sloppyosophy.
This isn't about being sloppy, it is about choices, and for me it's about where I use my brain when I'm shooting.

I typically walk into a situation, incident meter, and set my camera to peg my mid tones essentially cross lit. In that situation I can then pay attention to my subjects, usually people or dogs, subjects that I need to connect with, listen to, give commands to, and pose.

If the opportunity pops to get a front or back lit shot I rely on the latitude of a film and know that, given my subject matter and nice negative materials, I have lots of room. I don't have to think about re-metering, just point, focus, shoot. Perfect content trumps perfect exposure in my life.

I fully realize going in that in the darkroom I'll need to adjust exposure to get the print I want, that's ok, I know the limits of my films and I'm willing to do that work.